Our community involvement

At Mallette, community involvement is part of our values; it’s in our DNA. We support a variety of causes across Quebec. Our regional teams are proud to make a lasting and positive impact on their local communities.

Provincial involvement

Montreal Alouettes

Like the Alouettes, we firmly believe in the importance of local and community involvement. We work closely with local businesses, community organizations and Quebec institutions to promote business development in healthy, vibrant communities. By partnering with the Montreal Alouettes, Quebec’s leading football team, Mallette reinforces its commitment to the community and its entrepreneurial spirit, built on the values of leadership and collaboration.

Quebec Games

It made sense for Mallette to join this province-wide event supporting young athletes. Besides providing financial assistance for specific event editions, Mallette encourages its employees to participate as volunteers. Social commitment is at the heart of our values and culture. Partnering with the Quebec Games is an excellent way to support and motivate young people who genuinely embody perseverance. Mallette is proud to support dynamic organizations like the Quebec Games!

HEC Montréal

At Mallette, we not only offer a diverse range of career opportunities to its employees but also focus on nurturing young talent and the next generation. We work with our staff to provide an enriching work experience and help them grow and build their future. We collaborate across the province on projects that have a far-reaching impact. Mallette’s vision is focused on the future, emphasizing the power of education and collaboration to build promising futures. Our partnership with HEC Montréal is a testament to this vision, representing more than just financial support. We believe in making a long-lasting investment in creating a positive and meaningful influence for students.

United Way

Every year, Mallette’s dedicated employees collect donations for the United Way. The United Way supports various local community agencies and projects. Mallette takes pride in contributing to the community and ensuring no one is left behind. Our partners are enthusiastic about contributing to the success of the campaign. They’re committed to supporting the United Way and getting involved. As a result, our team raises more and more money every year.

Desgagnés kayak challenge

Every summer, the Mallette team comes together to kayak 250 kilometres between Montreal and Quebec City in just four days to raise money for Jeunes Musiciens du Monde. The mission of this organization is to encourage the personal development of children and teenagers from high-risk backgrounds through free musical activities. The Desgagnés kayak challenge is more than just a sporting event and a fundraiser. It’s an extraordinary human experience based on surpassing oneself, team spirit and solidarity. Spending several hours on the river with a hundred or so enthusiastic kayakers committed to the same cause creates lasting memories.

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