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Making a useful and objective assessment of your company's performance can be a daunting task, as it involves much more than a cyclical assessment of the bottom line. A number of financial, operational, competitive, HR and governance factors need to be taken into account in order to make an accurate assessment of your company's effectiveness.

It is essential that your performance is measured against your own objectives and takes a number of factors into account. There is no universal formula for assessing your effectiveness. You may therefore face a number of challenges when assessing your company's performance, and at Mallette we can help you overcome them.

Some of the main difficulties you may face include

  • Collecting and using reliable and relevant data

  • Identifying key performance indicators

  • Interpreting the results

Our experienced specialists will support you in assessing your company's performance with their multiple areas of expertise and a range of services covering many essential factors and elements, such as

  • The cost of your products and services

  • Your pricing

  • Your market share

  • Your reputation in your markets

  • Analysis of the financial profitability of your projects

  • Your financing structure

  • Your dashboard and performance indicators

  • The efficiency of your internal processes

  • Your remuneration structure

  • Your HR practices and employee satisfaction

  • Your governance and risk management

  • and so on.

At Mallette, you benefit from tailor-made solutions, adapted to your specific context and needs, thanks to our cutting-edge expertise in performance evaluation and our multiple specialities, enabling you to improve your company's operational and financial efficiency.

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