Employer Obligations, Compliance and Inspections

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We understand the importance of employers meeting their legal obligations to their employees, particularly foreign workers, and maintaining strict compliance with various government standards.

Our team of Mallette experts guides clients through the essentials of employer obligations and compliance, as well as government inspections. We help them manage these issues effectively.

Our resources discuss with our clients their obligations to their employees, taking into account the relevant laws and regulations. We then assess their current policies, procedures and practices to identify areas of potential non-compliance and associated risks.

Depending on the situation and needs, our team develops personalised strategies to ensure compliance with legal obligations and minimise risks. Whether it's a question of human resources management, health and safety in the workplace, or compliance with immigration programmes, we provide guidance in implementing preventive and corrective measures.

It is essential to be adequately prepared and to have the appropriate information and documents when faced with a government inspection. Our team assists our clients at every stage of the inspection process, providing professional support and ensuring that their interests are protected.

What we offer

  • In-depth analysis of the employer's situation

  • Assessment of the company's current policies, procedures and practices

  • Identification of areas of non-compliance and associated risks

  • Development of personalised strategies

  • Implementation of preventive and corrective measures

  • Guidance and support at every stage of the inspection process

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