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It is important for entrepreneurs and SME owners to carry out a profitability and return on investment (ROI) analysis to ensure the viability and growth of their business. Our team of experts in accounting, finance and business strategy supports our clients in this essential process.

We offer our clients our expertise in financial analysis to help managers understand the profitability of their business and identify opportunities for improvement. We also support them in their decision-making through our return on investment analyses, ensuring maximum return on each of their projects. Our highly-personalised approach enables us to take into account the specific characteristics of the business and provide precise recommendations tailored to each situation.

By choosing Mallette for their ROI and profitability analysis needs, our clients benefit from a number of advantages:

  • In-depth analysis: Our team carries out a complete analysis of financial statements, costings and financial projections to assess the company's profitability and identify the levers for growth.

  • Opportunity identification: We help identify opportunities to improve the company's profitability, whether by optimising costs, improving processes or developing new business strategies.

  • Informed decision-making: Our expertise in financial analysis helps managers to make informed investment and financial management decisions, maximising return on investment and minimising risk.

  • Personalised support: Our team offers personalised support at every stage of the business case process, answering questions, clarifying doubts and providing ongoing support every step of the way.

What We Offer

  • Initial assessment: We assess the business, analysing the financial statements horizontally and vertically to identify the key ratios and how they are performing.

  • Trend identification: We identify the main profitability indicators of and with management, interpret how they behave and then identify the weaknesses and strengths of the company's current financial performance.

  • Analysis of costs and revenues: We analyse costs, revenues and expenses to identify sources of profitability and potential areas for improvement.

  • Development of optimisation strategies: We develop customised optimisation strategies aimed at improving the company's profitability by maximising revenues, reducing costs and optimising resource allocation.

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