Mallette offers cutting-edge services for the construction industry: accounting, taxation, actuarial services, certification and more.

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Construction is a highly regulated industry. The Association de la construction du Québec, the Association des professionnels de la construction et de l'habitation du Québec and the Association des constructeurs de routes et grands travaux du Québec are among the main regulatory bodies and associations.

At Mallette, we help companies in the construction sector adapt to new standards and regulations. Our experts in a number of fields (accounting, taxation, etc.) are well aware of the issues affecting your business.

As your business partner of choice, Mallette offers you the following services:

  • Communication of targeted tax information;

  • Information on the stages of a project (from start to final delivery);

  • Indication of pitfalls to avoid;

  • Production of T5018 slips (Statement of Contract Payments);

  • Recommendations on improving your internal control processes;

  • And much more.

The values that define us


Acting with integrity to make fair decisions that foster relationships based on trust.


Combining the efforts of all our stakeholders to achieve shared goals.


Respect for others means considering their values and beliefs.


Working together fosters positive interactions and leads to successful outcomes.

See what Mallette can do for you.

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