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Recruiting internationally is one thing, but it is also important to integrate and retain employees. Employers have a responsibility to create the conditions for good collaboration and to offer working environments in which workers feel accepted and involved, and where their cultural differences do not become an obstacle to their integration and professional success. In this way, every employee from an immigrant background has the opportunity to maximise their human potential and develop their sense of belonging, to the benefit of their employer.

Adopting good diversity management practices will give the organisations that employ them many advantages, some of them even competitive, as the positive spin-offs are numerous.

Our cultural diversity management support service at Mallette aims not only to support our clients in international recruitment, but also to offer them expertise that will enable them to successfully welcome and integrate their employees from immigrant backgrounds into the workplace and thus promote their long-term retention. Our services are also available to organisations that already welcome immigrant workers but would like to improve their cultural diversity management practices and/or integrate new ones.

Cultural diversity is an important competitive advantage and an asset to be cultivated within a professional environment, whatever the field of activity. At Mallette, this richness is enhanced by the teamwork and ongoing collaboration that are part of our daily activities.

What we offer

Services offered by our experts including a range of actions such as :

  • Carrying out mini-diagnoses

  • A range of training courses tailored to managers, employees and workers from immigrant backgrounds and their countries of origin

  • Definition and implementation of appropriate HR practices and tools (inclusion policy, induction and integration programme, performance appraisal, intercultural inclusion committee, mentoring programme and more)

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