Tourism and Commercial Economic Development Strategy

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Many organisations, businesses and regions need to think about a structuring strategy for the development or revitalisation of their commercial, real estate and leisure and tourism sectors in order to make their projects or sectors attractive and assert their own identity.

Mallette's expertise in commercial and tourism development, the promotion of living environments and the configuration of a cultural offering enables us to draw up plans that meet the needs of the various stakeholders.

We understand the importance of assessing the economic, social and environmental impact of any development project. That's why we carry out socio-economic impact studies to measure the positive effects of each initiative.

Our method is structured: Mallette approaches strategic marketing from the angle of its accounting DNA, i.e. with pragmatism. Our creativity is business-driven: Mallette imagines innovative business models and development paths with high growth potential.

What we offer

A process aimed at developing a clear and concise game plan that takes into account the reality of the players in place while integrating opportunities and building on the distinctive advantages and unique character of the territory or project.

  • A hands-on approach: planning, leading and analysing consultations with stakeholders and customers in the region's economic ecosystem.

  • A fresh look: Drawing on the expertise and ideas of the multidisciplinary Mallette team for strategic and economic development to take a step back and help new avenues emerge

  • Priority areas: Ideation, identification or confirmation of high-potential, first-rate development areas

  • Strategic marketing: The development of a strategy that highlights the strengths of the area or project and positions it advantageously in relation to its targets.

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