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At Mallette, we have developed expertise in the development of business continuity plans (BCPs).

A BCP is an essential strategic management tool in the event of a business disruption that ensures the continuation of a company's essential functions.

With BCPs, every member of a management team knows exactly what to do in the event of a business disruption, in line with agreed guidelines. As a result, communications in times of crisis are more orderly, limiting the irreparable impact on an organisation's reputation. The BCP reduces the duration of the crisis and limits human and financial losses. It reassures stakeholders and sets the company apart from its competitors. It is a strategic input to the IT succession plan.

What we offer

  • Introduction of the management team to the approach to encourage everyone to make a useful contribution

  • Facilitating discussions to target critical activities and determine their maximum acceptable duration of interruption

  • Analysis of the impact of disruptions on the value chain(s)

  • Assessment of the adequacy of current succession strategies

  • Development of optimal strategies and action plans for their implementation

  • Identification of the chain of command, crisis unit and first aid kit

  • Optimise team time by documenting the results of discussions in an agile format tailored to the company's needs

  • Advice on determining roles for implementing business continuity

  • Controlling blind spots with an experienced multidisciplinary team

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