Shareholder Remuneration and Taxation

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We assist shareholders who run incorporated SMEs or who are considering incorporating their company in determining their remuneration, taking into account the tax implications, thereby helping to limit the consequences. Managing shareholders are faced with complex decisions regarding the structure of their company. Our in-depth tax knowledge and expertise enable them to make strategic choices that will have a favourable impact.

By working with Mallette, our clients benefit from a personalised analysis of executive compensation, including maximising cash flow, coherent short- and long-term planning, increased financial security and informed decision-making on tax issues.

At Mallette, our specialists adopt a personalised approach based on trust and an understanding of our clients' specific needs. By prioritising each shareholder's objectives and operating environment, we are committed to tailoring taxation to maximise potential savings.

Our specialist services cover a wide range of possibilities:

  • Remuneration and loan planning

  • Employee incentive plans

  • Pension plans and income splitting

  • Capital gains exemption and transfer of business

  • Shareholder agreements and business combinations

  • Incorporation analysis and reorganisation

What we offer

  • Identification and planning of the tax-free withdrawal from the company

  • Remuneration (salary, bonus, dividend) adapted to the tax situation

  • Maximising contributions to the various pension schemes

  • Allocating loans to executive shareholders

  • Optimising the tax burden for the company and the shareholder

  • Using deductions for small businesses

  • Tax deferral for the shareholder and maintaining liquidity in the company

  • Analysis of life and disability insurance policies

  • Setting up individual pension plans

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