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Outsourcing resources from Mallette enables an organisation to benefit temporarily from external skills to provide the accounting, financial and HR services that are essential to the smooth running of its operations.

On the accounting and financial side, these resources can handle a wide range of tasks, from recording day-to-day transactions to more complex financial controller assignments.

As for the temporary integration of an expert HR resource, this can support management in specific projects or take charge of the department's activities while your staffing process is completed.

In both cases, the outsourced resources can temporarily replace your own employees or work together during peak full stops. It is important to note that Mallette's independence from your company remains intact as long as the positions filled are not decision-making in nature.

What we offer

With Mallette's outsourcing of accounting, financial and HR resources, you benefit from a rapid response tailored to your needs, without disrupting your operations. Mallette's qualified professionals use their expertise to offer you high-quality services, supported by a competent team, to effectively meet your requirements.

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