Assessing and Optimising Internal Controls

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The success of any organisation depends, among other things, on its ability to control its processes. Growth, as well as changes in technologies and ways of doing things, bring their own set of challenges in terms of internal control. As internal control is essential to achieving the objectives of financial, operational and strategic processes, it is often necessary to take time out to assess the current state of internal control.

Mallette supports executives and managers concerned about internal controls, from small companies where the risk of incompatible tasks is high, to larger teams where it is more difficult to get an overview. We optimise our clients' internal controls and provide them with an objective assessment. We use CPA Canada standards and the COSO framework to provide a high-quality service.

Ensuring effective internal controls is a strategic opportunity to position an organisation for success. Our clients trust us to :

  • Obtain a clear picture of their risks and associated controls

  • Reduce errors, and therefore the costs and time required to manage them

  • Improve the quality of financial and management information

  • Reduce the risk of fraud

  • Reduce the risk of non-compliance with laws and regulations

  • Comply with your internal operating rules (directives, policies, procedures)

  • Increase the confidence of managers, bankers and business partners

  • Promote effective staff succession

What we offer

We offer an approach adapted to the context and specific needs of the company, whether in diagnostic, support or audit mode, structured as follows:

  • Description of the control environment, including technologies

  • Description of process stages, stakeholders and their roles

  • Identification of process risks, including the risk of fraud

  • Identification of existing controls

  • Documentation in a useful format that is easy to update

  • Assessment of control design and effectiveness

  • Analysis of the segregation of incompatible duties

  • Assessment of stakeholder access to systems and software

  • Assessment of IT general controls

  • Recommendations for improving and optimising internal controls

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