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In a context where employee well-being is crucial, employers need to be proactive and adapt the various aspects of their remuneration. With our team of specialised experts, we support our clients in upgrading their compensation tools while complying with the Pay Equity Act.

In concrete terms, Mallette ensures legal compliance, whether in the initial pay equity exercise or in the evaluation of its maintenance, through a rigorous approach based on :

  • Evaluating job categories

  • Calculating pay gaps

  • Making recommendations and adjustments

  • Producing the employer's pay equity declaration

  • Managing postings

Our clients optimise their compensation management practices thanks to our tailor-made support, and benefit from our expertise in ensuring compliance with the legal aspect of the pay equity obligation.

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What we offer

  • A collaborative approach

  • An available and dedicated team of experts in pay equity

  • Agile, customised remuneration tools

  • Innovative remuneration strategies based on multidisciplinary expertise

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