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At Mallette, we understand how crucial it is for entrepreneurs and business owners to know and track their organisation's results throughout the year. It's important to know and track your company's results, whether it's to ensure that you're profitable, have the cash you need, or meet various ratios. Our team of experts in accounting, finance and business strategy supports our customers in this essential process.

We offer our clients our expertise in financial analysis and the determination of performance indicators to help them understand their profitability and identify opportunities for improvement. Our highly personalised approach enables us to take into account the specific characteristics of each company and provide precise recommendations tailored to each situation.

Our customers benefit from a number of advantages when it comes to preparing their dashboard and identifying performance indicators:

  • Dashboard design: Our team works with our clients to identify their future objectives and determine the indicators they need to track to achieve them.

  • In-depth analysis: Our resources carry out a complete analysis of financial statements, costings and financial projections to assess the company's profitability and identify future objectives based on current results.

  • Opportunity identification: Our experts help identify opportunities to improve the company's profitability, whether by optimising costs, improving processes or developing new business strategies.

  • Informed decision-making: Thanks to our expertise in financial analysis, we facilitate informed decision-making by taking into account the results in relation to the objectives to be achieved.

  • Personalised support: Our team provides personalised support at every stage of the business case process, answering questions, clarifying doubts and providing ongoing support throughout.

What we offer

Personalised support structured around the following phases:

  • An initial assessment of the business, based on an analysis of the financial statements, cash flows and key performance indicators

  • Determination of the company's objectives and its benefits, in order to identify the elements to be measured on the basis of the dashboard

  • Determining the performance indicators to be measured to ensure that the expected results are achieved

  • Developing personalised optimisation strategies to improve the achievement of profitability results, by maximising revenues, reducing costs and optimising resource allocation

  • Continuous monitoring of the company's financial performance and evaluation of the impact of the strategies implemented, adjusting our recommendations as necessary to ensure sustainable results

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