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Internal auditing consists of an objective and independent examination of an organisation's activities in order to assess the degree of control over its operations and to advise on improvements that can add value.

It helps reassure managers, owners, lenders, directors and other stakeholders that operations are being properly managed, that governance is sound, that resources are being used efficiently, that risks are being controlled, that laws, regulations and internal policies are being complied with, and that fraud and error are being prevented.

We offer internal audit services tailored to organisations of all sizes, whether it's a one-off request to reassure a board of directors or a banker, to set up an audit without having to set up a team, to support a team under construction or to provide ad hoc support to an internal audit team.

Working with Mallette for your internal audit means doing business with a team of experienced auditors who know how to respond appropriately to any need, regardless of the context. Mallette complies with CPA Canada standards and the International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing. As needed, depending on the subject under study, we have access to a range of professionals with diversified backgrounds and skills, which enhances the usefulness and depth of our work.

What We Offer

  • Performance, process and compliance audits

  • Validation of annual management reports

  • Providing consultancy services

  • External evaluation of the internal audit process

  • Setting up an internal audit function

  • Defining audit universes and inherent risks

  • Drawing up multi-year audit plans

  • Advice to internal audit teams

  • Loan of resources to temporarily fill any internal audit team

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