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Managing human resources can be a major challenge for companies that don't have HR professionals on their team. Mallette's experts can provide support on an ad hoc basis, according to their specific needs.

It is crucial to provide managers with the tools they need to supervise their employees on a daily basis. The human resources management tools developed by Mallette include :

  • General HRM policies, such as the employee handbook, or those that are a legal obligation for the company, such as an anti-harassment policy.

  • Tools linked to the organisational structure, such as the organisation chart, job descriptions, responsibility profiles, workforce plan, etc.

  • Tools related to the recruitment process, such as job postings, interview grids, authorisation forms, etc.

  • Performance management tools, such as the performance appraisal process, the development and training plan, etc.

  • Tools for managing occupational health and safety prevention and claims (workplace accidents)

  • Implementing HR indicators

These tools enable managers to attract qualified candidates, retain high-performing employees, increase motivation and commitment, and promote skills development.

Mallette's experts have solid expertise in advising clients on their human resources management issues. Our personalised approach, based on listening to our clients and analysing their needs in depth, means that we can tailor our solutions to meet their objectives.

What we offer

  • A collaborative approach

  • Analysis of human resources management needs

  • A plan for the development of tools, taking into account priorities and deadlines

  • A series of tailor-made tools to attract, retain and develop talent

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