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Financial diagnosis, an instrument of financial analysis, enables managers to make informed strategic decisions. It is based on data on the company's activities, as well as information on its operations and progress over several periods.

At Mallette, our expertise in financial management enables us to provide our clients with detailed information on the evolution of their company's economic profitability and to help them make strategic decisions about its development.

The performance review reveals any obstacles that could be holding back the company's development. Based on an analysis of the company's financial performance, projections can be made to identify potential risks in terms of profitability and solvency. A financial diagnosis identifies the levers for improvement, the prospects for growth, the relevance of recourse to financial partners, forecasts of cash flow and profitability, etc.

Financial diagnostics include an assessment of solvency and may even include an evaluation of the company's competitiveness compared with its peers in the same sector. As a management tool, it is also essential during transactions such as the sale or acquisition of a company, and in interactions with financial partners such as banks and investors.

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