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Buying a business can be an exciting step for an entrepreneur, but it can also come with many challenges and issues. Evaluating the target company, researching and strategizing financing, conducting due diligence and negotiating key financial parameters are all aspects to consider.

At Mallette, we understand the challenges you may face if you are considering buying a business. Our team of experts is with you every step of the way. We offer highly personalised solutions tailored to your specific needs to ensure a successful acquisition.

Valuation of the target company. The valuation helps to determine a well-considered acquisition price and to support future negotiations. We provide you with support in structuring any takeover offer. Our support helps you to understand the tax implications of the transaction, to plan in a coherent and integrated manner, to secure your financial position and to conclude a transaction that is favourable to you.

Due diligence. It is vital to assess the financial and operational health of the target company. Due diligence helps identify potential risks and growth opportunities, providing a clear picture of the business before the acquisition. Ultimately, due diligence helps to validate the initial investment thesis.

Financing strategy. It is essential to develop an appropriate strategy to ensure the financial viability of the acquisition. Striking a balance between available financial resources, bank loans and other forms of financing is crucial to the success of a transaction.

Our experts will identify the best strategy for your needs, structure it and execute it in a timely manner.

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