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Any individual whose wealth is made up of a variety of assets or significant income from different sources can maximise his or her income within the family unit, while reducing the tax impact. Our specialists provide our clients with a complete analysis of their situation in order to put in place an optimal income-splitting plan.

This strategy makes it possible to reduce taxes within the family unit, plan the distribution of income over the short and long term, manage the family's liquid assets efficiently, maximise tax benefits while taking full advantage of what has been acquired, and put in place mechanisms to reduce the tax implications.

At Mallette, our specialists offer our clients a personalised and effective approach that is tailored to their specific needs, and provide solutions that respect their objectives and the way their business operates.

What we offer

  • A description of your personal, marital and family situation

  • Analysis of the tax and financial situation, including a personal balance sheet

  • Assessment of the suitability of a family trust for income splitting and capital gains exemption purposes

  • Analysis of income-splitting possibilities involving a family member in a family business

  • Analysis of the application of income attribution rules

  • Implementation of the chosen income-splitting plan

  • Monitoring and adjusting the plan in line with needs and legislative changes

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