Taxation of Foreign Companies in Canada

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At Mallette, we provide assistance to foreign companies exporting products or services to Canada or establishing themselves in the Canadian market. This support enables companies to understand the Canadian tax environment, assess the tax implications of their activities and comply with the laws in force.

Our specialists offer their expertise to help foreign companies make informed decisions about expanding into the Canadian market. Our clients rely on our resources to choose the structure best suited to their Canadian operations, to minimise Canadian and foreign tax consequences, and to eliminate the costs associated with non-compliance with Canadian tax laws.

Working with our specialists, foreign companies benefit from a detailed assessment of their Canadian operations, optimising their financial structure and ensuring optimal tax compliance.

Our aim is to simplify our clients' tax affairs and maximise their financial benefits for a successful expansion in Canada.

What we offer

  • A personalised approach based on an in-depth analysis of your situation

  • Analysis of the various operating methods in Canada (subsidiary, branch, agency, etc.)

  • Assessment of the foreign entity's ownership structure

  • Examination of the capitalization and financing structure

  • Analysis of Canadian and provincial tax liability

  • Analysis of the Canadian tax implications of repatriating funds abroad

  • Filing Canadian income tax or information returns

  • Preparation of claims for refund of withholding taxes

  • Review of relevant tax treaties

  • Analysis of the tax implications of the temporary or permanent transfer of personnel

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