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Becoming a permanent resident offers stability and security for both foreign workers and employers, who no longer have to worry about the immigration process. However, the process, which is complex and full of requirements, can seem overwhelming.

At the request of both employers and workers, our team offers personalised legal support throughout the various stages of the permanent residence process.

If employers wish to offer support to their foreign workers, our team offers individual or group information sessions to explain the steps leading to permanent residence, the various programs and their requirements, and much more.

Our team carries out an in-depth assessment of each foreign worker's situation in order to make recommendations on the best strategy to adopt in order to maximise the success of the process.

Once the strategy has been established, our team takes charge of managing the entire process, including preparing and submitting the application, monitoring deadlines and communicating with the relevant government authorities.

What we offer

  • Individual or group information sessions

  • Explanation of the steps involved in becoming a permanent resident, the different programmes and their requirements, etc.

  • A thorough assessment of each case

  • Recommendations on the best strategy to adopt to maximise the success of the process

  • Complete management of the immigration process

  • Preparing and submitting the application

  • Monitoring deadlines and communicating with the relevant government authorities

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