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Offering a group retirement plan can be a cost-effective and efficient strategy for attracting, stimulating and retaining talent within a company, while helping them prepare for retirement. At Mallette, we are recognized for our extensive experience in helping our clients choose the best tailored solutions for their group retirement plans, ensuring that they are able to maximise the advantages and benefits of setting up such a plan.

By working with Mallette, our clients optimise the value of a group retirement plan for their company, both for the financial well-being of their employees and for their growth. Our comprehensive support enables them to choose to maximise the work performance of their internal resources by drawing on our know-how and cutting-edge expertise.

With our extensive expertise and personalised support in group retirement plans, our clients can choose the provider in the marketplace that offers the plan best suited to their business, and we can help their internal resources integrate best practices in savings, health and wellness, training programs, communication tools, financial and retirement planning support, and more.

Some of the benefits for the company:

  • Full expertise and service in setting up and optimising the scheme

  • Free diagnosis of current plan

  • Analysis of the market and the competitiveness of the plan at the time of the call for tenders

  • Annual governance (analysis of investment behaviour, monitoring of management fees, analysis of returns)

  • Employee meetings, in collaboration with the selected service provider

  • Member education

  • Financial planning

  • Communication plan

  • Etc.

What We Offer

  • Comprehensive ongoing support to help you integrate and optimise your plan

  • Free diagnosis of the current plan

  • Analysis of plan structure and investor behaviour

  • Analysis of offers from suppliers

  • Governance report

  • Support for the human resources department (training, enrolment kit, communication plan, etc.)

  • Financial and retirement planning meetings

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