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The rules governing consumption taxes are becoming increasingly complex. Mastering the complexities can be a daunting task. Our specialists help companies with the day-to-day management of commodity taxes and keep abreast of the slightest changes that could affect them.

At Mallette, we support our clients' financial departments in the ongoing management and application of commodity taxes. Our expertise translates into the development of effective commodity tax management strategies. Consumption taxes are generally linked to a company's day-to-day operations, and act as a collecting agent for the tax authorities, which are responsible for collecting and remitting taxes.

The slightest error directly affects a company's profitability. We work with our clients to ensure that their controls and processes are adequate. With our support and expertise, we reduce the risk of errors and maximise the claims to which businesses are entitled.

Our specialists advise on commodity taxes, including GST/HST and QST, but also on:

  • Provincial sales taxes in Western Canada

  • U.S. sales taxes

  • Specific taxes such as excise, insurance premium, tobacco and fuel taxes

  • Value added tax, applicable in the European Union

Our experts have also developed in-depth expertise in the real estate, manufacturing and financial sectors, as well as with public-sector bodies, retail businesses, non-resident individuals, professional services and the health sector, etc.

What we offer

  • Sales tax planning for companies of all sizes on a national and international scale

  • Review of effective control systems and procedures

  • Preparation of training and assistance to ensure compliance

  • Examination of the sales tax implications of business acquisitions, sales and reorganisations, including due diligence review

  • Preparing interpretation requests to tax authorities

  • Assistance with audits and appeals, such as corresponding with tax authorities, making additional representations and preparing notices of objection

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