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Mallette supports companies by offering professional assistance in quantifying damages. Our team of forensic accounting, accounting and business valuation experts is committed to providing rigorous analysis and reliable, credible valuations to support managers as they navigate through the complex challenges associated with different types of damage quantification.

When something happens, whether it's litigious or not, whether it's lost profits, lost future revenues or other fortuitous situations, businesses can suffer significant financial losses as well as many types of damages. At Mallette, we understand the critical issues facing managers and we help them reconstruct the necessary information and determine the damages suffered.

We conduct a thorough analysis of the situation, assessing the profits lost as a result of damaging actions such as breach of contract, shareholder disputes or unfair competition. Our team uses its expertise in forensic accounting and business valuation to accurately quantify damages and lost profits.

Our clients benefit from a dedicated team that works closely with their managers to understand the specifics of the cases to be analysed and to develop effective strategies aimed at achieving specific objectives. We guide companies through every stage of the process, providing expert advice and support to defend their rights and obtain the restitution they deserve.

When the stakes are high and the truth must be established, Mallette represents its clients as an expert witness. Our team of forensic accounting experts is ready to offer a comprehensive service, from initial analysis to court testimony.

What we offer

  • A thorough analysis of the situation

  • Assessment of financial losses and prejudice

  • Precise quantification of damages and lost profits

  • Expert advice and support in defending your rights

  • Representation in court as an expert witness

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