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At Mallette, we assist our clients in setting up and drafting shareholder agreements to ensure the continuity of their business. We enable them to anticipate unforeseen circumstances in order to avoid possible future disruption. Our experts guide entrepreneurs and shareholders in drafting and updating their agreements to protect their interests and those of their company. By anticipating major changes, our clients avoid litigation and ensure smooth transitions between shareholders.

We assess specific needs and propose an agreement tailored to the company. Our expert resources draft a clear and comprehensive agreement that takes account of all eventualities. We work with companies throughout their lifetime to update agreements in line with major changes. We advise our clients on best practice and their legal obligations, to ensure that agreements are compliant.

What we offer

  • Careful analysis of specific needs

  • Proposal of an agreement tailored to the company's needs

  • Personalised drafting of a clear and comprehensive agreement that takes account of all eventualities

  • Support throughout the life of the company

  • Advice on best practice and legal obligations

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