Transfers Abroad: Emigration and Tax Considerations

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Mallette assists individuals who decide to leave Canada, as well as employers transferring employees abroad, either temporarily or permanently. This assistance enables them to understand the Canadian tax consequences of leaving Canada, as well as the tax context in which they will subsequently operate.

Our experts help our clients to understand the tax implications of an assignment abroad and, through their expertise, to optimise their income.

We can help you assess the tax implications of an assignment abroad or the decision to emigrate, reduce Canadian and foreign tax implications through sound asset management, and avoid the costs associated with tax non-compliance.

What we offer

  • Determination of the country of residence for tax purposes

  • Analysis of Canadian tax implications before and after leaving Canada

  • Assessment of social security agreements

  • Analysis of foreign tax consequences after leaving Canada

  • Examination of applicable tax treaties

  • Preparation of Canadian tax returns

  • Preparation of foreign tax returns

  • Preparation of Canadian and foreign information returns

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