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Mallette assists corporate managers and shareholders in their business acquisition or sale processes. We offer expertise in developing a suitable strategy, identifying potential targets, defining approach strategies, conducting business valuation analysis, preparing transaction documents, leading negotiations, and coordinating due diligence activities.

To ensure the success of your transaction, we provide a structured approach, a network of contacts, access to diverse professional resources, and maximized financial returns.

With our extensive experience in business acquisition/sale and financing, supported by experts from various disciplines, we deliver a coordinated and effective approach.

Our clientele includes business owners and individuals looking to become owners. We work closely with clients to advise them on tax aspects of their business acquisition/sale transaction. Our systematic approach and expertise ensure optimal outcomes for our clients.

What we offer

We offer the following interventions: assessment of tax and financial implications, selection of the optimal transaction, planning and negotiation based on tax considerations, potential capital gains exemption, structuring financing for the transaction, and minimizing or deferring tax burden.

Our approach aims to help you understand the tax implications, plan cohesively, secure financial stability, maximize transaction outcomes, and make informed choices.

Our professionals assist you in analyzing tax considerations related to your business acquisition/sale transaction and propose solutions that yield the best results for you.

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