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Business success depends on a company's or organisation's ability to deliver its operations, services and goods in quantity and quality, at the best possible cost. At Mallette, we work with our clients to improve their financial and administrative processes.

Our expertise contributes to the achievement of corporate objectives in areas such as customer satisfaction, employee motivation and organisational performance. Our solutions are based on a structured optimisation approach inspired by Lean Office and Six Sigma.

Optimising processes enables companies to:

  • Reduce errors

  • Reduce multiple data entry

  • Reduce data manipulation

  • Reduce search time

  • Eliminate non-value-added tasks

  • Identify tasks that can be automated

  • Reduce deadlines and delays

  • Improve team productivity

  • Improve the quality of activities

  • Measure process productivity and monitor it over time

Our goal: optimise ways of doing things and boost resources by implementing high-performance processes.‍

Our commitment: organisational performance. Mallette's professionals work closely with clients to find the best solutions to ensure that their processes are value added.

What We Offer

A support during the implementation of the changes and post-implementation monitoring, according to the following steps :

  • Facilitating workshops to describe the process under review

  • Describing the process and the problems identified

  • Measuring the process by analysing the available data

  • Identifying the causes of problems and sources of waste

  • Drawing up the target process

  • Identification of process performance objectives and targets

  • Drawing up an action plan to achieve the target process

  • Change management planning

  • Revision of policies and procedures

  • Support for the implementation of changes and post-implementation monitoring

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