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At Mallette, we offer a complete service to support our clients in their commercial real estate transactions. Thanks to the expertise of our team of notaries and paralegals, every detail is meticulously checked and validated before the transaction, guaranteeing the security and conformity of the operation.

From the analysis of documents such as the offer to purchase, certificate of location and mortgage financing, to the secure management of funds through our trust account, our professionals ensure that every stage of the transaction is carried out with rigour.

It is essential for us that our clients are informed of the subtleties that may affect their right of ownership, particularly in terms of the implications of easements and other covenants that could affect the use of the property in question. Our property law experts are trained to explain these aspects clearly to our clients, guiding them through hundreds of transactions every year.

As a central part of property transactions, our notaries ensure that the rights of the contracting parties are respected, offering unrivalled peace of mind and legal expertise. Whether for purchases, sales, mortgages, servitudes or undivided co-ownership agreements, our team is ready to respond effectively to our clients' needs.

What we offer

  • Careful and rigorous analysis of all the details relating to the transaction

  • A detailed report on the subtleties that may affect ownership rights

  • Ensuring the security and compliance of each transaction

  • Ensuring that the rights of the contracting parties are respected

  • Integration of transactions into an overall strategy for building personal, family or corporate wealth

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