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Mallette assists its clients in class action suits. Our team of forensic accounting, accounting and business valuation experts offers professional and personalised assistance in all class action claims and defences. A class action occurs when a group of plaintiffs bring a common lawsuit against a defendant, pleading their case in a single trial. At Mallette, we understand the critical issues facing businesses and work with them to help quantify the damages suffered in such situations.

We conduct an in-depth analysis of the situation, carefully assessing the damages and other elements relevant to the class action. Our team uses its expertise in forensic accounting and business valuation to provide detailed, objective analyses of the damages suffered by all class members.

We act as expert witnesses for both plaintiffs and defendants in potential litigation. Our aim is to provide our clients with solid, reliable representation to protect their interests and maximise their chances of success.

What We Offer

  • Careful analysis of the situation

  • In-depth analysis of damages and lost profits

  • Assessment of damages and other factors relevant to the class action

  • Detailed and objective analyses of the damages suffered by the group as a whole

  • Representation as expert witnesses in class actions and litigation

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